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Retirement Guide


to Living Large on


a Small Budget


2016 Edition




Provides you with resources,


tips, links, and the secrets to


living Large on a small budget,


for example:


Cheap/Free Living: How to live at a tropical resort, in a mansion, a game lodge and many other facilities in the U.S. and throughout the world – for free! You can even get paid!


The Perfect Financial Storm: The underfunding crisis of public employee pensions, Could you be facing a 50% or more cut in your benefits?  Could your IRA/401K be “nationalized”?  There's already talk in Washington...


Social Security Benefits: Could your benefits be at risk? When to retire, the advantages and disadvantages of early and delayed retirement.


Cut Your Grocery Bill, Not How Well You Eat: money-saving tips and free resources for groceries, budget meals and eating out.


How to Cut Medical Costs and Improve Your Health: tips on hospital, drug and health costs that the healthcare industry doesn’t want you to know.


Drive Down Your Transportation Costs. Including all costs, it costs $9,369 a year on average to drive a car; discover how to slash your transportation costs to $1,500 or less.


Travel the World for Dollars a Day! A travel secret ignored by the media and the travel industry (because there’s no money in it for them) plus lots of money-saving travel tips.


Turn Your Home into a Cash-Generating Machine: Ideas to earn income from your home at little or no expense.


Cut Energy and Utility Costs: money-saving links, free resources, and tips that put dollars back into your pocket.


Protect Your Identity, and Avoid Financial Scams: this could save your entire nest egg. What to do if your wallet or credit cards are lost/compromised. Plus, what to do when all else fails.


This is barely a beginning; this guide is jammed with hundreds of free money-saving tips, free resources, websites, and secrets to help anyone on a limited budget live better and pay less plus ideas to generate additional income. This 200+-page guide could save you a small fortune; in some cases a large fortune! Just one of the hundreds of free websites provided claims their typical visitor finds $1,000 in savings on their very first visit.


Whether you are trying to retire on Social Security or just want to live cheaper and still live well, this guide is a great investment (even the price is cheap).  Don’t delay. Start Saving Today!


Still not sure? Read part of our Chapter on reducing your housing costs.  It's free!  Click the "free sample chapter" tab at the very top of this website  (next to "home") to read this money-saving information for free.


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Living Large on a Small Budget

Live large on a small budget

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